Great contents come from great team,
such great team come from great people.

Treenod is a mobile game developer of "Pokopang" and "PokoPoko" beloved around the world, with offices in Busan and Seoul, South Korea. Creating and developing multiple contents and products such as animations and merchandising as well as games based on Pokopang characters, Treenod continues to challenge and to expand from one to another.

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Treetive, making great contents

Treetives are responsible for a right thing, not afraid of challenging to make good change, give positive influence on each other, and express their creativity freely. Such Treetives gather here and make Treenod better place to create extraordinary contents together.

Treenod, where great people gather

Treenod always pursue "better."
"Better" in Treenod means "we don't settle in present and prepare for tomorrow's changes."
It also means "creating something that is not defined, something that is living."
This is standard for everything we do in Treenod.
To create what is better, we constantly ask "why?"
While asking "why" and seeking our own answers,
we make meaningful changes that may lead us to create something better.


rediscover diversified emotions We hope people rediscover diversified emotions through the contents that we make.