Our Mission

Rediscover Diversified Emotions We hope to make people's lives healthier and happier through the rediscovery of diverse emotions

Can joy and happiness shine without feelings of sadness and loneliness?
What makes us healthy is not just positive emotions like joy or happiness, but all the emotions we feel in life.
We want people to rediscover and express diverse emotions through the content that we create, which leads to a healthier and happier life.

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Our Vision

Narrative Creation A company that drives participation with compelling stories, creating experiences for people to make it their own
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Interesting stories touch people's hearts regardless of background and age. Treenod's vision is to draw people's participation with interesting stories from the content we create and make the story where you are the main character.

Our Value / Spirit

Make Alive
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Treenod always pursues "better"

In Treenod "better" means not stopping at today's answers, but constantly moving forward to find tomorrow's answers. Just as we untie the line to the strength and direction of the wind to raise the kite high, we adapt and move flexibly to upcoming changes. "Make Alive" is the standard for everything we do in Treenod.

To create a better result, we constantly ask "why?"

We make meaningful changes through the conflicts that occur in the process of asking questions and finding answers. We believe these changes build up together to make something better.

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