Our Vision

Narrative creation A company that drives people's participation with interesting stories and implementing those stories to their lives.
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Interesting stories touches people's hearts regardless of their age. Treenod's vision is to draw people's participation and make them their own narrative with the interesting stories in the contents that we make.

Our Mission

Rediscover diversified emotions Diverse emotions make people's lives healthier and happier.

We want people to make their own stories through the contents that we create and discover other diverse emotions, which leads to a happier life.

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Our Value / Spirit

Make alive
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Treenod always pursue "better".

"Better" in Treenod means "we don't settle in the present and prepare for tomorrow's changes". It also means "creating something that is not defined, something that is living". "make alive" is the standard for everything we do in Treenod.

To create a better result, we constantly ask "why?".

We make meaningful changes through the conflicts that we face during this process. We believe that these values are the basis of making something better.

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