• 2019-2020
    • 20.12Awarded the 30 Million Tower
      of Exports
    • 19.12Awarded the 20 Million Tower
      of Exports
    • 19.07BX Renewal
    2019 history image
    Preparing for new challenges

    We are continuing to explore the competitive mobile games market. To focus on making content that brings life to people's routine, Treenod Inc. was established as a newly divided corporation. We are currently preparing for Treenod's extraordinary "Next Steps".

  • 2017-2018
    • 18.12Awarded the 20 Million Tower
      of Exports
    • 17.12Launched POKOPANG TOWN (LINE)
    • 17.05Selected as World Class 300
    2017 history image
    Growing pains and breakthrough

    Our company experienced rapid growth and success as well as the growing pains that come with a company expanding. We took time to develop workflows and skills to create quality games. After a period of trial and error, abandoning familiar methods and adapting new workflows, we finally launched a new game: "Pokopang Town".

  • 2016
    • 07Selected as
      <Busan Top Start-up Company>
    • 06Founded Seoul office
    2016 history image
    Treenod Seoul and a leap into a global company

    The Pokopang series is played by more than 2 million people every day. We set up an office in Seoul for the global market and character branding to grow into a global company. The Seoul office is fulfilling Treenod's bigger dream of expanding globally beyond the Japanese market.

  • 2015
    • 12Selected as
      <2016 Busan Leading Company>
    • 07Founded Japan office
    • 06Launched POKOPOKO for Kakao
    2015 history image
    Communicating to users with characters beyond the game

    "Pokopang" and "PokoPoko" are successful in the global market, especially in Japan. With the franchise's popularity, we can continue to launch in Korea. This is noteworthy for a Korean game company. The basis of our success was through the insistence of using the same familiar characters. This persistence allowed us to develop our own individuality and use Pokopang character to communicate worldwide through various channels and media.

  • 2014
    • 09Launched POKOPOKO (LINE)
    • 02Started a global licensing business
    • 01Held Poko Champs Event
      of Pokopang for Kakao
    • Office moved to Busan Centum City
    2014 history image
    Continued company growth and game app success

    The success of "Pokopang" provided a foundation to further evolve company culture and tailor our working environment for our crew, or Treetives. We continued to expand our talent, seeking out skilled and passionate individuals. With the new Treetives, we launched Line "PokoPoko" in Japan, a match-3 puzzle game that was an underdeveloped genre in Japan at the time. 2 years since its launch, PokoPoko has maintained its position within the top 10 most popular games in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store and has contributed greatly to Treenod.

  • 2013
    • 11Awarded the INVEN G-Star award
    • 10POKOPANG for Kakao ranked
      No. 1 download in Google Play
    • Launched POKOPANG for Kakao (NHN)
    • 06Launched POKOPANG (LINE)
    2013 history image
    Popular and unique: the birth of Pokopang

    Treenod's next goal was to create a game that is accessible to a wide audience, filled with interesting content and enjoyable to play for a long time. We wanted to create a puzzle game that is popular but beyond common block matching games. So we created a 6-way 3-linker battle puzzle game, "Pokopang". "Pokopang" was a huge success in Japan, and ranked the highest grossing game in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

  • 2012
    • 11Launched Patapoko Animal (LINE)
    • 04Launched Animal Down (NHN Hangame)
    2012 history image
    First launch and a big step forward

    "Animal Down", a target shooting game using gyro sensors, showed its potential and was launched in Korea with the help of "Hangame". With "Animal Down's" launch we were given the opportunity to be included in one of the first 4 game lineups of Japan's mobile messenger, LINE. The game app "Patapoko Animal" was then introduced to the world. We received attention for our cute art direction and unique game style, and the success was a significant first step for Treenod.

  • 2011
    • 06Awarded the grand prize
      of mobile app development from T store
    • Treenod founded
    2011 history image
    The start of Treenod

    As the smartphone era began to emerge in 2011, 3 members gathered to develop a smartphone app. The goal was to create a unique game and "Animal Down" app was born. "Animal Down" proved its potential by winning an app development contest. With the determination to create the best possible environment where talented people can gather and turn their dreams into reality, the founders left the busy city of Seoul and founded Treenod in Busan.

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