• 2019

    make alive

    • 06treenod corporate identity renewal
  • 2018

    soaring once again

    • 12Won the '$20 Million Export Tower' Award
  • 2017

    Curling up and leap forward In course of rapid growth, we spent months agonizing over what is better. We were wary of surrendering ourselves to the shadow of past achievements and wanted to bring a right game to the world. The last 3 years have been a time of making some mistakes, abandoning and changing the methods familiar to us. Eventually we could launch a new game "POKOPANG Town" 3 years after POKOPOKO released. At any time, we may face an unreconcilable discomfort while finding and creating what is better. However, we now know that it has been a run-up time to take a step forward.

    • 12Released POKOPANG TOWN (LINE)
    • 05Selected as World Class 300
  • 2016

    Treenod Seoul, take-off to the global Pokopang franchise became the game that over two(2) million people connect and enjoy every day. For our desire to deliver greater pleasure in greater world and to jump up to be a leading developer in the world, the Seoul office was founded. We're realizing our cherished vision with fulfilling our tasks: Busan H.Q develops and operates games targeting Japanese market, Tokyo office handles IP branding, and Seoul office leads to extend our business abroad. Even this moment, Treetives are challenging for the global markets based on the passion and harmony (endeavor) that transcends nations and metric distances in three(3) offices in two(2) countries.

    • 07Selected as Busan Top Start-up
    • 06Founded Seoul office
  • 2015

    Characters beyond games Pokopang and PokoPoko sprung up first in Japan, and could be released in the domestic market with its successful launch in the global marekt, which was an unprecedented experience as a game developer in Korea. It was good enough to introduce Treenod's philosophy and walk of game developement that we'd been developing well-made games. Such successful performance was practicable because of our belief to develop our own contents to exploite characters. After all, such belief became our feature and created Pokopang characters to communicate with players beyond games. To deliver pleasure other than gaming, character branding business was launched, and a branch office was established in Tokyo, Japan, one of the world largest character markets starting to promote our characters.

    • 12Selected as 2016 Busan Leading Company
    • 07Founded Japan office
    • 06Released POKOPOKO for Kakao
  • 2014

    Another step toward best games and great company The successful performance of Pokpang served as a foundation to pursuit what Treenod had desired. As the game achieved success in its service, no doubt that the company grew up. The founders and management built the best possible environment that helped Treetives stretch their creativity and fit to management philosophy, and started to hire talended more Treetives. With a larger group of Treetives, we so continued to create next games. Starting to develop a 3-match puzzle game that was a undevloped genre at that time in Japan, we built mission stages and character collection contents in 6 months and released LINE PokoPoko. Over 2 years after its release, PokoPoko has maintained one of top most popular games in both Apple appstore and Google Play and become a devoted title for Treenod.

    • 09Released POKOPOKO (LINE)
    • 02Kicked off a global licensing business
    • 01Held Poko Champ Event of Pokopang for Kakao
    • 01Office move to Busan Centum City
  • 2013

    Pokopang, casual puzzle game in Treenod style Treenod's next vision was to create a game accessible to the widest possible audience with rich contents to play for a long time. A puzzle game to have accessibility for wide audience and to lead trend beyond ordinary block-match game, that was 'Pokopang', 3-linker battling puzzle with collecting and enhancing characters. Going through lots of unconventional attemtps and experiments and experiencing failure while building Pokopang, we could advance to find answers. Pokopang became popular all over the nation in Japan and ranked #1 in both Apple Appstore and Google Play. Along with its popularity in Japan, Pokopang could be succcessfullly released in Korea as well. Within 1-month of its release in Korea, Pokopang reached top 5 in Google Play and Treenod got recognized.

    • 11Awared the INVEN G-Star award.
    • 10POKOPANG for Kakao ranked 1st of download in Google Play
    • 10Released POKOPANG for Kakao (NHN)
    • 06Released POKOPANG (LINE)
  • 2012

    First release and tempering to take off A shooting game of targeting with gyro sensor, 'Animal Down' was published by 'Hangame' in Korea. Along with its launch, another opportunity has come to be one of the first four(4) games to be launched via LINE, the no.1 mobile messenger in Japan. At last, 'Animal Down' (A.K.A 'Patapoko Animal') was released in the world. With charming art concept and unique game concept, our first game earned attention but did not make so-called big success. However, that was a important first-step for Treenod to start considering more about popular appeal without being bound by ingenuity.

    • 11Released Patapoko Animal (LINE)
    • 04Released Animal Down (NHN Hangame)
  • 2011

    Our journey began. In 2011, three(3) members gathered and started to develop a smartphone app. We've started 'Animal Down'Building with the idea to create an ingenious game and achieved recognition in a contest. After confirming our possibility, we decided to found a start-up company. The founders wanted to create the best possible environment where talented people gather and trun dreams into reality and left the big city Seoul. Treenod was born in Busan.

    • 06Awared the grand prize of mobile app development from T store.
    • 06Treenod founded.