A beautiful fairytale town, Pokopang Town! Pokopang Town, a fantasy town surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees. But one day, Grandpa Poko suddenly disappeared… and the town is falling into disrepair! Please restore Pokopang Town to its former beauty by solving exciting puzzles with Pokota and his friends!

Restore Pokopang Town! You received an invitation from Pokopang Town. Help restore the town to its former beauty with Pokota! Repair the buildings and decorate your own Pokopang Town!

Exciting One-Tap Match-2 Puzzle Match 2 or more blocks of the same colors and solve the puzzle! Curious about the stories of Pokopang Town? Solve puzzles and complete missions with Pokota and his friends to find out!

Pokopang friends are back! Pokopang characters from the mega-hit puzzle game, Pokopang and PokoPoko which recorded over 90 million downloads worldwide, are back! Follow the interesting stories, complete missions, and solve puzzles with Pokota to meet new friends!

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POKOPANG is only available in Japan. POKOPANG TOWN is only available in Japan. Popup Close